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By Renewable Energy World
on 7/18/2017
  • solar software
  • solar analysis software
  • solar savings software
The market for solar PV design software has opened up significantly in the past five years. New offerings have taken off in that time, and they range from fully integrated systems offering one-stop functionality, to niche services that are hyper-focused on one segment of the design process. Yet a huge amount of growth is still to come for these software systems and much of that growth will hinge on which systems users are choosing today, how they choose those systems, and the delivery mechanism for software options in the future. read more...
By Solar Builder Magazine
on 7/1/2017
  • utility rates
  • rate tariffs
  • energy storage
At the heart of a solar + storage system is a battery, but that heart can't beat without it's brain - the software layer telling it how to operate. For you customers, regardless of battery manufacturer, the software brain is driven by three possible value streams. Peak Demand shaving. This is a commercial project value. Time of Use (TOU). Discharging on-peak and recharging off-peak. Self-Consumption. Pairing storage with solar and setting it not to export to the grid read more...
By Solar Power World
on 6/19/2017
  • solar software
  • solar savings software
As the solar industry matures, it finds better ways to do things. Many solar-specific software options are coming to the market with the promise of reducing costs, improving accuracy and allowing the industry to scale. Here are some types of solar software, according to a vendor chart produced by emergence Capital a few years ago. This is by no means a be all, end all list (as some of these companies have merged, changed names or left the market), and new software options are constantly coming to the market. read more...
By BayWa r.e. renewable energy
on 6/7/2017
  • commercial solar
  • solar financing
Today we're chatting with James Coombes, manager of American Renewable Capital. James has over twenty years of financial advisory experience, and has been developing & financing solar energy projects since 2008. For the four years prior to the formation of ARC, James was responsible for commercial project financing for SunPower Corporation (SPWR), a leading solar panel manufacturer & project developer. From 2008 to 2011, he was responsible for commercial, municipal and residential financing at REC Solar (now acquired by SunRun and Duke Energy) read more...
By Solar Builder Magazine
on 6/9/2017
  • solar installation
  • energy storage software
  • energy storage
Energy Toolbase packed the demo stage with attendees who wanted to hear more about its new energy storage software. Energy Toolbase might be the most robust tool out there for behind the meter data and PV system modeling and proposal generation, and its new energy storage component is going to be just as robust. We will have more coverage on this posted soon. read more...