News Releases

By Net Zero Solar
on 3/6/2017
  • Net metering
  • solar installers
  • energy credit
It’s been almost a month since the Arizona Corporation Commission concluded their investigation into the value and cost of distributed generation by voting 4–1 to end net metering as we know it. The simple policy of one-to-one credit of net metering will be replaced with a scheme that includes no banking of energy credits, and a steadily-dropping compensation for any energy that homeowners send back to the grid. read more...
By North American Clean Energy
on 1/15/2017
  • energy storage
  • solar analysis software
It’s inevitable that energy storage will be a huge market opportunity in the future. Knowing the numerous benefits storage can deliver, it’s easy to envision how batteries will ultimately transform the grid as we know it today. But the market has not yet come to fruition, and it’s fair to say most predictions have been overly optimistic as to when it will really take off. Arguably, a few things must happen for the storage market to scale up, and how to know when we’ve truly hit the tipping-point. read more...
By CBS Los Angeles
on 9/15/2016
  • solar power
  • solar software
For many, solar power is a lot more than just a ray of hope. No question, there are legitimate benefits to installing solar power in your home. But does that necessarily mean it’s a great idea for one and all? read more...
By Alternative Energy Magazine
on 9/16/2016
  • solar analysis software
  • software update
Energy Toolbase, an industry leading solar software platform, announced the release of a major software update today. The new version upgrades Energy Toolbase's software-as-a-service product, and is available immediately to all users. The new release has been in development for 16 months and is the company's biggest update, since debuting in 2014. read more...
By Solar Power World
on 8/5/2016
  • utility rates
  • rate design
Utility rate design is officially a hot topic. Energy industry trade publications have published a countless number of articles, Op-Ed’s and whitepapers on the issue this year. And it’s pretty much a given that any energy conference these days will have a panel on the topic. Whatever the forum, the subject of rate design always seems to stir up debate. Utilities, ratepayers and renewable energy advocates often times have widely differing opinions on what makes for fair rate design. In the last few months alone there have been three separate “best practices manuals” on how to design rates for distributed generation: read more...