News Releases

By PV Magazine
on 4/6/2020
  • SGIP
  • energy storage
  • storage incentives
California’s new SGIP renewables incentive handbook is a complex read. The good analysts at Energy Toolbase have distilled the regulatory product down to its essence — so solar and storage developers can understand the outlines of this new incentive structure. read more...
By Solar Builder Magazine
on 4/6/2020
  • solar software
  • solar modeling
  • storage modeling
The coronavirus crisis is having a huge impact on solar installation business and project timelines. It’s also served to highlight areas in the solar PV sales proposal, permitting and design process that many solar companies could improve or streamline, via remote site assessment, shade analysis, system design software and integrated sales tools read more...
By DG & Design
on 3/24/2020
  • sgip incentives
  • energy storage
  • california storage
How do customers qualify? Which category will apply? Let’s dive into the categories and analyze the target markets for each category. Plus, there are maps! read more...
By Station A
on 3/23/2020
  • energy storage
  • SGIP
  • equity resiliency
California’s Self-Generation Incentive Program (“SGIP”) has, in many respects, single-handedly built one of the strongest and most robust distributed energy storage markets in the world. Back in 2001 when SGIP was established, the original intent was to incentivize customers to reduce electricity use at peak times and provide relief to the grid. read more...
By Solar Power World
on 3/22/2020
  • solar marketing
  • remote sales
During this crisis and coming out of it there’s a great opportunity for solar contractors and the industry to improve important areas that will help the solar sector move forward and mitigate COVID-19’s effects. Unsurprisingly, software is the key to many of these solutions. read more...