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By Solar Builder Magazine
on 3/12/2019
  • solar + storage software
  • energy storage
  • energy storage solutions
Energy Toolbase sent word that its solar + storage design software now includes the services of Stem, Inc., the world leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven energy storage. With this integration, distributed energy providers can simulate project performance, analyze financial returns and develop sales proposals informed by Stem’s Athena AI platform and rich operating experience. read more...
By PV Magazine
on 2/12/2019
  • solar projects
  • solar jobs
  • California solar
The United States lost approximately 8,000 jobs across the 50 states, with California alone losing more than 9,000 jobs and cancelling out growth in 29 states. Puerto Rico and solar + storage joined the party, but not the job count yet, by contributing 5,900 jobs. read more...
By Solar Power World
on 2/6/2019
  • energy storage
  • energy storage design
  • advanced microgrid solutions
Energy Toolbase adds AMS to its offering, providing a unique solution for developers to design and deploy distributed energy resources with Energy Toolbase’s software-as-a-service for design, and AMS’s AI platform for operations. This effort enables distributed energy developers to run energy storage simulations and financial analyses on Energy Toolbase, based on the use of AMS’s energy market software. read more...
By Solar Power World
on 1/15/2019
  • solar software
  • solar sales software
  • solar + storage
Solar installers looking to add storage to their businesses face a number of challenges, but software solutions can help them with the first hurdle: Analyzing and demonstrating the value of storage to potential customers. read more...
By Solar Power World
on 12/3/2018
  • solar sales software
  • solar software
  • solar proposals
What follows are the Top Solar Software and Monitoring Products for 2018. From designing solar arrays to managing O&M, there are a number of product to choose from. Take a look at this year’s innovative products (listed alphabetically by company) within the categories of software and monitoring systems. read more...