Service Providers


Energy Toolbase integrates industry leading service providers onto our platform, to connect their services directly with our users.

Empower your dealer network

Empower your dealer network with the industry’s leading sales platform, utility rate engine and proposal generator.

Improve Pipeline visibility

Improve the visibility of your project pipeline and get more deals to the finish line.

Access leading developers

Direct access to our user base of over 600 leading distributed energy organizations nationwide.

Secure Access

Retain full discretion over which users can view/access your services.

Customized Admin Dashboard

Out service provider Admin Dashboard provides reporting and transaction management.

Whitelabeled Branding

Create branded & customized documents.


More exciting integration announcements coming soon....

Sharp, the venerable 100-year old electronics manufacturer, is positioning itself to be a leading player in the energy storage space. Via our API integration Sharp can instantly communicate customized battery management control strategies (like peak demand shaving or time-of-use arbitrage) based on a customers’ specific load profile and utility rate schedule.

K2 is a leading PACE financing company and project development services provider for commercial property owners . Our hosted financing integration allows K2 to communicate indicative PACE financing quotes based on a users' defined project inputs and assumptions.

UtilityAPI is a software service that automates the access and retrieval of energy usage and billing data. Our API integration allows users to directly import UtilityAPI data from the Energy Toolbase platform, further streamlining the utility bill recreation process.

PV Watts is the DOE, National Renewable Energy Laboratory's open source solar production calculation tool. Via our API integration a user can generate hourly solar production estimates anywhere in the county, based off their system design specifications.

Interested in integrating?

We're flexible to build a hosted solution or communicate via API endpoint. If you have interest in becoming a service provider, please reach out to Adam (adam[at]energytoolbase[dot]com).

Disclaimer: it's important that we maintain objectivity of our platform when integrating service providers. We avoid any activity that creates a conflict of interest with our user base, like taking a project kickback. We've created a dual opt-in process for all service providers, meaning an ETB user must apply to access an API service and the service provider must approve.