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Complete Transparency of Your Solar + Storage Assets

ETB Monitor: Robust monitoring software providing real-time insights into the operational performance and savings of your solar + storage systems.

ETB Monitor

A monitoring platform that’s directly connected to your modeling and control software

Diagnose and Resolve

Remotely diagnose and correct issues before they become costly. Have confidence in knowing our alerts will catch issues, so that they can be fixed immediately. Ensure always on, optimal system performance.

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Measure and Verify Dollar Savings

Objectively quantify the avoided cost of your system(s). Measurement and Verification (M&V) against the original estimate modeled on ETB. Validate and understand why the system saved what it did.

Real-Time System Performance

Track and monitor all relevant solar + storage data points on one platform to comprehensively understand your systems performance. Provides a real-time, actionable, single source of truth.

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Compliance Reporting

Access detailed operational data to satisfy OEM warranty compliance and incentive program reporting (e.g., Federal ITC, SGIP, GHG emission reductions). Automate and streamline your workflow.

Features and Functionality

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Configure notifications on the status of your systems (e.g., inverter offline, low SOC). Identify and prioritize high impact issues.

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Cloud Hosted

Securely hosted on Microsoft Azure. Monitor your systems anytime, anywhere. Accessible from any device.

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Site Status

Observe site consumption, PV production, ESS dispatch, and local weather conditions in real-time.

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System Logs

Detailed operational data for O&M, warranty coverage, and incentive compliance.