By Jonathan Mooney
on 2/3/2016
  • solar proposal tool
  • solar sales tool
  • solar training
As an Account Manager with Energy Toolbase (ETB) I am on the front lines of our customer’s learning development. My primary role is training, onboarding, and supporting our rapidly growing user base. I am constantly reminded of the different challenges our users face when navigating our platform for the first time. I wanted to share some thoughts in this blog, which can hopefully accelerate the learning process for new users so they can fully leverage the Energy Toolbase platform. Here are a few important takeaways that I have learned in my tenure with ETB. read more...
By Adam Gerza
on 12/29/2015
  • California net metering
  • solar sales tools
  • utility rates
The California Public Utilities Commission handed down the proposed decision, hailing it a victory for the solar industry. What issues come with "full retail credit" Net Metering and what effects will it have on solar project economics? read more...
By Adam Gerza
on 11/6/2015
  • California rate reform
  • solar savings calculations
  • utility rates
California residential solar installers may be using a flawed approach to calculating and presenting the economics of solar projects and not even know it. Earlier this year the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) finalized and approved the biggest rate reforms to residential electric rates in a decade. These structural changes to rate design change the value proposition of a solar project, but are not likely being accounted for in the modeling. read more...
By Adam Gerza
on 10/8/2015
  • commercial solar financing
  • power purchase agreements
  • PPA
Kina‘ole Capital Partners, LLC (Kina’ole), a leading solar financing company has formally endorsed the Energy Toolbase software platform to its network of solar installation partners. read more...
By Stefanie Gurski
on 10/5/2015
  • rate schedule database
  • utility rates
  • utility savings calculator
We constantly receive questions about how we track, update and manage our utility rates database, so I figured it was time for a blog post on the topic. Here’s some of the most frequently asked questions we get asked: read more...