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Energy Toolbase released a major Energy Storage System (ESS) software update in September of 2017 that enables users to model, optimize, and propose the economics for any type of behind-the-meter (BTM) energy storage project. Our new ESS module was designed to give the user complete control in defining the specific project variables, and read more...
By Adam Gerza
on January 23, 2018
  • ESS Simulation
  • ESS Software
  • Integrations
The Energy Toolbase – K2 PACE financing integration allows users to instantaneously generate PACE financing quotes, cash flows and proposals for their C&I solar projects. read more...
By Adam Gerza & Jonathan Pickering
on January, 2017
  • PACE Financing
  • Solar Sales Financing
  • Commercial Finance
Linking your UtilityAPI & Energy Toolbase account is quick and simple. It should only take a couple of minutes, and you only have to set this up once. Note: you need both a UtilityAPI account and Energy Toolbase account in order to link. read more...
By Adam Gerza & Elena Lucas
on September, 2016
  • Interval Data
  • Utility API
“Interval data” or “meter data” is a series of measurements of energy consumption, taken at predefined intervals throughout the day. Typically interval meter data comes in increments of 60-minute, 30-minute or 15-minute granularity. The term “Interval data” is used interchangeably with “meter data”, “raw data”, “demand interval data” and also “Green Button Data”. They basically all mean the same thing, and are all captured by a digital or smart meter. read more...
By Adam Gerza
on August 4, 2015
  • Interval Data
  • Utility API